The Director of the Conservatory Welcomes You

Dear friends,

It's a great pleasure to welcome you to the Max Hallecker Conservatory, a conservatory established in honor of the great teacher and its founder – who was also my father – the brilliant Austrian pianist, composer and pedagogue Max Hallecker.

Family reasons led my father to remain in Greece, to give us, his children, Greek education, to love Greece and the Greeks with all his heart and for 30 years to make his life an unceasing offering to the musical education of this land.

Music is one of the noblest expressions of the human spirit and its offering to the culture of a land is enormous. It contributes to the establishment of a healthy personality and helps the individual develop emotionally and intellectually. Musical education is necessary for every person, regardless of whether he intends to pursue it professionally or on an amateur basis. Not only does it offer education and cultivation of the soul but it is a necessity which, in this day and age, may be described as an urgent one.

In the warm and up-to-date environment of our conservatory you will find the support you need to discover the enchanting beauty of the wonderful world of music.

Ioannis M. Hallecker

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